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About Us

MARUTHI EC - Recharge aim to provide a Fast, honest, reliable, cost effective solution to the consumer and corporate sectors for all their Cell phones needs & Electronic Gadgets including Laptop"

We are sales all types of Mobiles and DTH.

  • Our philosophy is that we will always do our utmost to ensure that the customer receives a service that is second to none.

MARUTHI EC - Recharge is one of the leading Repair Specialist for Smartphone’s & PDA in Chennai, providing repair services to all models of Blackberry, HTC, iphone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, iPods, iPads, Apple products, Laptops, Camera and much more. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled Service engineers who have dedicated themselves to the repair of Smartphone’s, Apple products & All Gadgets. At MARUTHI EC - Recharge, we take pride in quality of our repair services.

Why choose us? Simple! Probably the best repair service in time.

We offer most on-the-spot repairs, taking less than thirty minutes to get your device up and running again! We offer fast, friendly and professional service. We are always happy to offer free advice and answer your questions to get the issue resolved with your device.